What to Look for When Choosing Student Accommodation

When you’re moving away from home to attend university, it can be daunting. A new city, new people to meet and somewhere else to live! Having a secure, comfortable place to call home is incredibly important to achieving your study dreams. Outside of the usual, no leaks, strange smells and unsavoury people, plus a comfortable bed, we’ve identified 5 criteria to look for when choosing your ideal student accommodation.

1. Location, location, location!
Many cities have more than one university, so when searching for your accommodation, it’s important to find the perfect place close to YOUR uni! The closer your accommodation is to your place of study, the more you’ll also save in precious time and travel costs. If you choose a place close to public transport locations, you may not need a car either!

The facilities of your chosen student accommodation are important when you’re moving away from home and getting into a study routine. It helps you to meet other students, get out of your room and refresh your mind. At The Study Lounge, we have:

  • Unlimited, high-speed WiFi;
  • Fully air-conditioned rooms;
  • Common rooms with ping-pong, pool tables, a spa, sauna and outdoor bbq; and
  • A in house gym!

It’s all designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and community.

3. Events to Enjoy
If you’ve moved away from your home town to study, you may not know many people initially. Choosing student accommodation that hosts a variety of events and activities is great for meeting new people.

4. Internet!
Back in the early 2000’s, internet was an optional extra when it came to study. Now, we can’t live without it! Choosing student accommodation with reliable, unlimited, high-speed WiFi means you don’t have to roam around the house looking for a decent data connection on your mobile.

5. A Quiet Place to Study
Your room should be your sanctuary. A light-filled, quiet space to study will get you well on your way to achieving your university goals. Look out for comfortable, functional furniture, including a desk, good lighting and air conditioning.

At The Study Lounge, we pride ourselves on our family-owned, premium (but not as expensive as you’d think) student accommodation. In the heart of St Lucia, Brisbane, we’re a quick stroll to class. Contact us to book today!

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